Section I

TITLE:  Online Security and Privacy

Project Rationale:

As a group of interactive multimedia students we have a strong skill-set based on visual communications. With that in mind our aim is to produce mediums based on our individual and group skill sets. For each skill set required we will elect one member of the group to lead the concept design and development. This will ensure that what the group produces will be relevant and at a high academic standard powered by a strong work flow.  From children to old age pensioners and everyone in between the majority of our populace have internet access and are subject to the influences enforced on our society. We decided to target 10-30 year olds to try and raise awareness about online security and privacy, the importance of anonymity online as well as  the ease in which strangers can access and use our personal information.


Our project aims to create awareness about the journey of the average user’s online data. Our group plans to use pre-existing learning conventions to create a framework. With the boom of social media spiraling in the last decade have our social circles kept up with the requisites to provide safe and private online browsing? Our group aims to assess the general understanding of local and national communities on this subject. We plan to visually communicate these concepts through a digital publication correlating with animations and an interactive booklet.

We plan to aim this at those between 10 and 30 years of age. We came to this decision following a discussion on the notion of privacy and its relevency in everyday life. We argued that the younger generation have little to no awareness of online privacy whilst the other end of the demographic value it highly. We felt that this would be a challenging age group due to the varying levels of online awareness.


Individual Roles:

Aidan Kelly

I will be taking the lead on producing an interactive booklet. The booklet will be mapped to that of an online appearance. I aim to use the booklet to create a critical environment for the user. I hope to do this by rewarding users with additional information if they perform certain actions throughout the booklet.The booklet will be interactive. Users will be rewarded for being critical in their analysis. To obtain these rewards the users will have to physical interact with the booklet. The booklet will follow an online experience. Beginning at the “Log In” stage and ending at the “Dark Web” stages of online browsing the booklet will reflect on common user experiences. I aim to use this familiar experience to lull the users into a comfortable environment. The booklet will have three sections and will each have its own environment enabling the user to reflect on the content.

I will be responsible for providing the survey and survey statistics for the development of the content. I will need to select a target audience and ask them categorized questions. Provisionally the users will be asked about their demographics, data-mining, online security and notions of trust.

Aidan Prendeville

The research for our project will be spearheaded by Aidan Kelly with the rest of the members being delegated concepts to research. This will enable us to gather a significant body of relevant research without going off on a tangent, as all the gathered information will be inter-related and formulated with the aim of providing usable information. This information will then be used in a number of manners by all group members. 

My role in the group will be to convert a portion of the information into concrete visualisations so our audience can generate meaning from them. The art style and colour palette will be something that I will be taking a lead on as illustration and animation would be my preferred aspects of the industry. Also the form and function of all pieces will be of great interest to me as I will be assessing taking abstract notions from a virtual space and solidifying them, to make them clearer for people to understand. It is imperative to portray the community research in a relevant way which will be understood by the audience while remaining as stylistic as possible. This will enable us to communicate practical information and concepts to a wider audience. The reason I believe I’m in a position to lead this aspect of the project is previous experience with art, character creation and animation. I had applied to do art in LSAD however I chose the multimedia course in Tralee due to the digital aspect of the course. The other members also believe I am well equipped for this position so I was delighted to take a post so suited towards my interests.

The main issues I see with connecting with our audience will be the technological aspects of the project. Explaining how people have compromised themselves online using visual communication (regardless of medium) will be difficult due to the lack of general knowledge in the area about internet security/privacy in my opinion. This is a challenge that I personally am looking forward to as I believe as a member of the same community there is a lot of scope to create a variety of media pieces in a countless number of ways while maintaining the integrity of the research throughout the work.

Alan Murphy

At the start initially the role that I was elected to is to front the physical aspect of this project. However as the project and concept has evolved over the weeks, I have chosen to lead the short animation clips that will be featured as part of the digital publication and will be viewable in the visual section of the exhibition. Even though we have been assigned individual roles to take the lead in each aspect of this project every member in this group will contribute in each section(visual, digital & physical) of this project. 

The animations will show a visual explanation of some of the concepts that are explained in the physical and digital publication of the project. These animations will be short animations that will hope to visualise some of the harder concepts that end user might have trouble understanding in the physical and digital publications.

The reason why we went along with the concept of having three different types(Visual, Digital & Physical) is so that we can appeal to the most mainstream audience.

The main areas that I will be tasked to deal with is translating the content and message that will be contained in both the physical and digital parts of this project to the visual/animation part of this project. The other area that I will be tasked with in this role is leading in the in the creation and presentation of the digital layout of this section. This will entail looking at the progress my fellow group members are having in the design of the physical layout and look at ways in how we can translate some of the physical interactions to the digital publication format. I will also be researching other digital publications  and drawing inspiration from them and ultimately designing prototypes based on the research that I have carried out and will be documented in future journals. It will also require me to liaise with my fellow members as we want to keep a design continuity between each aspect of this project.

The reason why I chose being the lead for the animations because over the past few weeks I have gained some valuable learning experience in Animation and the software used for creating animations on top of the experience I have already gained throughout my tenure at the college.

 The reason why I have chosen to lead in the Digital Publication side of the project is because I have had some experience both inside and outside of the college in regards to digital publications. Throughout the 12 weeks in our Work Placement module last semester, I was the project lead in designing a brochure & wall poster for a project for the IAHT located in the Hotel & Catering block in the North Campus. Within college, I have some experience designing digital publications for various college assignments using Adobe InDesign.

Also throughout the my tenure at the college I have also learned how to use design programs like Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop & InDesign efficiently to the point that I feel comfortable using these programs which are key for completing this aspect of the project.

A stated above even though my lead role will be in the animations & in the digital publication aspect of the project I will also help the other members in their roles to see if there is continuity and how certain design ideas may influence and overall change the animation part of this project.

Eoin Murphy

As a group we will be collectively involved in all aspects of the overall project, but having identified our strengths and weaknesses we will each focus on an individual aspect based on our strengths.

I will  focus mainly on the visual aspect and the visual communication for this project. We plan on having an interactive print booklet that the user will unfold, un-crumple, tear, pull-out and interact with as they walk through our piece in the exhibition in May. I have a major obsession with typography, so I will take the lead on the typography used in the booklet. I have divided the booklet into 3 sections, each a little more tainted or darker as the booklet goes on, so the choice of typography used in each section will be essential to ensure the correct message is being conveyed in the correct manner.

As well as taking the lead in typography , I will also be in charge of the general visual direction of this project. Since I will be deciding what typography will be used, I will also have a big input into what colours are used making sure to  use colours that contrast well with the type on the page, while also tainting the colour as the user goes through the booklet.

Since our booklet is going to take quite a strange layout and format, I will be in charge of making sure that the layout of the paper prototypes we create is accurately recreated digitally so that the content will be able to put into that document.


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