Video Research

The Barbecue Bible

The BBQ Bible is an interactive book. Whilst remaining aesthetically pleasing the book requires  a user driven experience to deliver its content. By scratching, cutting, pulling and tearing at the book the user is rewarded with tools. The Group hopes to create a booklet with the same effect. One where the user is rewarded after interacting with the booklet.

FACT. (2007). Piracy, Its A Crime. [Online Video]. 04 December

Would you download a car? Yes, yes I would. This video has been at the beginning of a number of films. We plan to avoid these stereotypical anti-piracy adds in an attempt to differentiate from the authorities.

Duval Guillaume. (2012). Amazing mind reader reveals his ‘gift’.

This social probe is a great example of how your online information can be used. In it, Guillaume uses information on people gathered from online sources. Public and confidential information alike are readily available online.

BBC. (2011). Charlie Brooker’s Wipe 2011 – Adam Curtis on Rupert Murdoch.

Throughout the documentary Brooker investigates why people prefer to have their lives digitally documentated. He suggests that while society mistrusts elites, it see’s little issue with a lack of privacy.

Motherboard. (2014). Reed Ghazala, the Father of Circuit Bending: Sound Builders.

Throughout the project we plan to use digital conventions.  We plan to use circuit bending to create audio which will make the user uncomfortable and uneasy. It is reflection on how the group will be using this pre-existing conventions in an innovative way.

Art Center College of Design. (2013). Reed Ghazala, the Father of Circuit Bending: Sound Builders

This installation questions a users perception of time senses. The exhibition creators ensure that the viewers perception of time is being questioned. The creators juxtapose the mind vs. the body and perception vs. senses.  We feel this is an example of a framework causes the viewer to question that which was of utmost certainty. 2012. IN ORDER TO CONTROL | INTERACTIVE INSTALLATION

This installation requires much more user interaction when compared to the last video. The

2× 2008. Nike 100 Interactive Installations

Objectiv by Katarina Batina



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